__________________COCKPIT #1_____________________

                            LIVE at Radio Centraal 106.7 FM                             

________________________Sunday 10 November______________________
______________________in the AFTERNOON__________________________
_______________________LIVE Radio: 15h-16h30______________________
_______________________+ Volkskeuken: 15h-...__
__________________    Free Entrance   _________________________
______________________(+ potential participation)__________
What will be there besides of your part of the radio-sound:

                   *  BENJAMIN'S TESTIMONY: 
                   About how the police forces
                         in antwerp exercise assault 
                         missions looking for terrorist 
                         in the wrong place (17 min)

                   *  THE STREAMS OF CONSCIOUSNESS: 
                   Connecting streams, streams of 
                         streams, consciousness by 
                         consciousness, continuous chaos. 
                         Organized by Jo, Live made by everyone
                         who wants to join (10 min) 

                   *  Live IMPROVISATION OF SILENCE 
                   made by everyone in the skybox. (1 min)

                   *  ERNESTO IS MOVING IS ON SUNDAY: 
                   live on Skype, virtually in the Skybox, 
                         technically in Echnum. (10min)

                   *  COOKING 
                   with what we find. 
                        Composition by Roos and Max (15 min)

                   *  Some time left or in between,
                   filled by FREE INTERPRETATION of the 
                        people who are in the skybox (25 min)

                   *  De notulen van het hele gebeuren: 
                   OUTPUT by Katinka and a computervoice. (12 min)

  Wanneer je een goed idee hebt///if you have an idea or proposal: 
  er is een OPEN CALL om iets te laten horen: live op Radio Centraal.
  Eigen invulling van 10 minuten tot 20 minuten///free time 10 to 20 minutes
  Elke 2 weken op zondag van 15u tot 16u30 tijdens het programma Aroom.///
  every two weeks at sunday, 15h till 16.30h, during Aroom
  Voor projecten en voorstellen: mail naar skyboxisthelimit@gmail.com///
  please send a mail to: skyboxisthelimit@gmail.com

we welcome you with open arms,

Bleekhofstraat 9

ps: a small note: if you don't want to receive this anymore please reply to this address